Hi, it’s me, I’m the problem, it's ME!

It is so hard setting boundaries with people who benefit from you not having any! I’ll say it again, IT IS SO HARD SETTING BOUNDARIES WITH PEOPLE WHO BENEFIT FROM YOU NOT HAVING ANY! I own a hair business that I recently had to take a break from. Hair has always been a passion. As a little girl I grew up in the salon with my mom. Now as an adult running my own business asking for my price has always hard. I always want to be fair so I often accommodate even though my work speaks for itself! This also goes for my standards and boundaries.

I was scrolling through Instagram and came across a video that described pricing your products with confidence. She was responding to customers who would state that her prices were “too high”. She firmly stated that her prices were in fact NOT “too high” the individual complaining about the price was simply out of THEIR price range. She goes on to say, “My price is my price. It is not too expensive, it’s just out of your budget!” Me being me, found a correlation between this pricing video and how you value yourself. 

Remember that episode of SpongeBob when he was given access to be the Hall Monitor and he began to take his job a little too seriously? He went around thinking he was the hero and the whole time he was the culprit behind all of the inconveniences that had happened in Bikini Bottom. I think this is a great example of how we look when we lack self awareness. During times like this we can never see ourselves. But I am here to tell you that there is freedom in self awareness! 

I am great at setting boundaries and standards but I SUCK at enforcing them up. My bestfriend and I were having a heart to heart. And she said because I am a people pleaser I attract people who manipulate to get what they want. Wooooooooo!! I could relate! I sometimes want to keep the peace so much that I begin to blur the lines between right and wrong. I end up being bitter towards the person instead of blaming the real culprit, ME! 

It’s hard to realize that you are the problem but I am here to tell you that as soon as you end the people pleasing era and enter your balancing era you will attract bigger and better things into your life. People treat what they find valuable with a certain type of care. So if you find yourself repeating your standards, boundaries, wants and needs settle in the fact that it’s time to say goodbye so you can prepare for the proper hello’s in your life. Continuing to accept whatever people give you while they ignore what you actually require, shows that your price is too expensive for them. It is not your job to lower the cost, it’s your job to find the right customer. Stop putting yourself, your products, your standards, your boundaries on sale and start charging full price so you can have the full experiences. You are never the reason why someone hurts, misuses you, etc. but you are 100% responsible for how you heal from it!


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